IoBM - Internships & Placements Department
  1. Internships
  2. Placements


  • To provide an opportunity to all prospective graduates to gain hands-on-experience in their major fields prior to graduation
  • To expose IoBM prospective graduates to potential employers to facilitate their eventual employment
  • To use internship as a means to initiate & improve IoBM's liaison with commercial/industrial establishments
  • To identify talented students & give them priority for internship in the best organizations
  • To institute & implement a system for monitoring internees' performance during the period of their attachment
  • To assess the extent of internees' learning on completion of the internship
  • To elicit the companies' views on the internee's performance & apprise the latter of the same with a view to make them aware of their strengths & weaknesses
  • To identify & maintain contacts with prestigious commercial/industrial concerns where internees can be placed with due regard to optimum learning opportunities


  • To ensure that the quality product produced by IoBM find fitful employment
  • To create a situation whereby appropriately placed IoBM graduate rise to positions of leadership in commercial/industrial fields & thus bring credit to themselves and also to IoBM
  • To contribute to the achievement of IoBM's mission with respect to enhancing the efficiency & innovativeness of the country's economic activity
  • To enhance the image of IoBM as a provider of quality education
  • To use effective placement as a means of maintaining & further strengthening IoBM's liaison with commercial/industrial organizations and opening up new avenues of collaboration for mutual benefits
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